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A few hints and tips before you come along.

1. Please ensure to tell me, no less than 3 days before the date of the event, what you plan to bake and send a copy of the recipe you plan to use by email. Could you also include a baking tip that can be included when the recipe is published (i.e., make sure you grease the tin & greaseproof paper). This gives me enough time to gather all the info to plan each event and update this site and Social Media pages.

2. Be bear in mind that we have a member of the club who is pregnant, so make sure you highlight anything like raw eggs on your recipe.

3. If you are unable to attend an event, for any reason, please contact me as soon as possible. Please do not worry if you cannot attend, illness, poorly children, other family plans cannot be avoided! We will welcome you at the following event!

4. We are hiring Tullynessle Hall from 7-9pm once per month. The cost for hiring the hall will be divided between the members who attend that evening. Tea & Coffee will be provided but feel free to bring along your own beverage & your favourite mug if you wish!

5. Make sure you bring a knife, if you have a large cake that requires cutting up, and some Tupperware so you can take home some of the goodies we’ve made!

6. Most importantly, have fun, this is not a competition! No winners, no losers….. Just Cake.


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